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Okay then. Ya wanna see some stuff in my house? Too bad, you're gonna anyway. ;-) Some things are the same, some are different. I just gotta take new pictures!!! I'm trying to pick out some of the more important things I did to the house, things I made, things maybe I just like. Ya know......just things.

Let's start in the kitchen. Remember I told you I painted my cabinets, put on new hinges and knobs? Well, that's where we'll go first..........ready??

Guess somewhere in here I should mention I like country, old things, stuff like that. You'd have figured that out real quick on your own, but you know how I have a need for stating the obvious, right? There are better pictures somewhere, I'm pretty sure, and I'll find those another time. For now, at least you get the idea. Sanded, painted, stenciled, hinged, knobbed. All ME!!

Okay, not a great pic. I admit it, and there are better ones somewhere (did I say that before?). Hey, I'm doin' the best I can here!!

Okay, this is different now sorta. Different nuke machine (a *way* better one now!!), and different stuff on top of it (there's stuff *everywhere*, isn't there?......just wait!). But I wanted to show you the pulley, which you can almost sorta see (better pic somewhere....LOL). The plants are hanging off of it in front of the window on the left (the plants are in little buckets, by the way...and hanging by a twine kind of rope stuff). I found it in my brother's barn when he bought his little farm house.....brought it home (the pulley, not the house), cleaned it up, restained it.....tada!!! Instant plant hanger!!

Oh, and there's moulding around the door now. AND, I fixed the curtain thing on the door so they're even now. ;-)

Could it be???? What *is* that??? OH MY's eggplates!!!

This wall is so completely different now. The plates are there, but not the washboard, the thing hanging under it, or the oil lamps. My grandmother's hutch cabinet thing is there now. Full of, yep you guessed it, more stuff!! The thing hanging on the right is wrought iron and was supposed to be for hanging baskets. I hang antique kitchen utensils. There are so many more on it now. Big surprise, right? (better pic som.....oh, forget it) And that's not even half how many eggplates I have. There are a couple hanging above the doorway that goes to the livingroom, and a couple more hanging above the fridge, and some in the hutch, and the two I bought in St. Charles which I haven't decided where to put yet, and......

Okay, so this table isn't there anymore (it's actually in this room, with a tv on it), but I like it and this is the only pic I think I have of it. Also personal favorites are the old carpet sweeper, the canning jars in the carrier (on the floor) and, of course, the egg plates on the table. Whatever. ;-) there more in the kitchen? You betcha, baby. But I either don't have pics, or it isn't real important. Okay, so none of it's real important. I have no life, I have to have something to do, so I make web pages for you to look at. Give me a break here!!! Hey, could be worse.....I could be showing you.....nope, don't think I'll go there. LOL

Let's move on...........