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Where to go next....hmmmmmmmm, let's think. Oh, I know. Now don't be getting too excited, I'm really not that good. And my house is so not great. But you seem to be thinkin' I'm so good at things, just because they're things I like and things I do. Once I'm finished here, you'll know why you shouldn't put an ad in my paper. Well, enough blabbering.....on we go..........

Here's the table I made. It's drop leaf, the top is stained and the
rest is painted. No big deal, just a table.
But.....I like it.

Another one of the table. See the wagon on the left? A friend made it and brought it to me to paint in whatever way I wanted. When I was done, he said it was mine. Well okay then!!

A closer look at my little red wagon. ;-)

And front livingroom window. I ordered the curtains, got them, took a print one with me to the store, and then bought all the flowers, etc. for the thing on top. I probably built it up to be better than what it really is......sorry.

Just a slightly closer look at the window.

Wanna see the window thing in the works?? Tough!!! Just a couple pics from while I was making it. My friends Leslie and Laurie were here, and I was kinda surprised when I still liked it the next day....we were drinking wine all day. Huh, and I *still* like it.

And.........just a closer look. Hey, what can I say? I'm a showoff! When I like something, I like it. Took me about six hours to do this thing, so you can look at it one more time!! ;-)

....and onward...
..or, back to the first page if you prefer...