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What next? Well, more stuff in my livingroom. But what? Ummm...I guess I'll just start somewhere, and see where I end up. Aren't you tired of looking at these yet????

So what do you do if you need something to do? You go buy a picture frame, take the glass and cardboard out, cut holes in the cardboard, cover the glass and cardboard with fabric, and stencil, stencil, stencil. Okay, so that's only the kind of thing *I* do when I need something to do.

And this is where you put it when you're done. I actually included a different variation on the stencil thing, for each person who got one, in with Christmas presents I made one year. This was the first one I made. I, of course, always keep the prototype and give the best ones away. Blonde.....ya know. ;-)

And....this is where that particular grouping is. Oh, and shutup about the moulding around the door not being completely painted!!

Another thing you do (I do) when you need something to do is go digging around in the vast wasteland that's the garage and see what you can find. Then, you take an antique bottle case with removable slats, clean it up, hang it on a wall, and put stuff in it.

And this is how that wall looks (for the most part).

This seemed to be a big hit, so I decided to give replicas for Christmas one year. Where do I do the staining of 10 of anything? Too dusty in the garage so in the livingroom, of course. I need a dust-free zoned workshop place, I think. Anyway, I get a system going and stain, stain, stain........

...and still further onward...
...unless you're enthralled ;-) and want to start over