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More livingroom stuff. Hey, it's the room with the most stuff! You really don't have to keep looking at this crap, ya know. You have the choice........just remember, there *will* be a quiz. ;-)

Okay, these two are made out of paper. Yep, you cut a design out of one piece, glue it to another color piece, and put it in a picture frame. Easy!!

More of those paper things. These are settled right in the middle of The Wall (as Miss calls it).

And.....The Wall. I just love having lots of pictures around (in case ya didn't figure that out already). On the left, the little brown box thing is an antique drawer. Well what else are ya gonna do with the odd drawer??? The birds flying around it are wood, cut out and painted

There's more in the livingroom, but I didn't dig the rest of those pics out yet.'s on to the bedroom.

The stenciling in the bedroom was the first I ever did. The shelf, I didn't make. ;-) Saw it, it was cheap, I was lazy, bought it. There are a couple things on it I made, but you can't really see them much here.

Just another pic of the same basic thing.

Didn't make any of this, just really like this corner. My mom got me the corner cabinet. After she saw the stenciling when it was done she was at a neighborhood yard sale, saw the cabinet, knew it was perfect, got it for me for my birthday.

Hmmmmmm.....guess it helps if you can actually *see* the stencil design, huh?

And what do you do when you have a space to fill? Well, you go and find some pieces of wood left over from building the garage, cut it, paint it, make a frame out of more of it........and hang it in that space. Right? Ya don't?? I didn't know! Well, it's too late now. ;-)

still with me? going onward.........
.......or, again, start over....