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On to other things. These are just things I made/did. Some for me, some for other people, some for both.

So, you're sitting around with not much to do, you have a few insane moments....Quick!! What do you do? You paint some bricks to look sort of like houses and put them on your patio, of course. ;-)

I made this heart thing for my brother, Joe and wife (ex). It's in his kitchen. Thank God he's getting rid of that butt ugly wallpaper!!

My grandmother had an old milkglass bowl and asked me if I could make some sort of arrangement in it. This is it. When she died, it was given to me.

Out of necessity comes......oh, whatever. Needed a new and different place for that extra roll of toilet paper. So, this box. Made out of pine, rub painted, stenciled. Left side holds role, right side holds box of tissues.

Laurie took my tissue thing to work one time, and got orders!!! These are a few of those.

These cabinets were Christmas presents one year. I think there were 10 or 11 of them. They're made out of pine. The tops and knobs are stained, the rest painted (I like that look). Some were blue and some were like a country green color. Jane always cries when I bring their's over. You'd think by now she'd know she's getting one of whatever it is for that year. ;-)

More Christmas presents. These are trash cans. Pine, with the front panel being tin that I punched designs into. The handles of plastic grocery bags go up over the extended sides. I made three different designs, but I think about 10 trash cans. For the longest time, I didn't have one of my own. I had one, but hadn't finished it. When Laurie bought her house, I finished it and gave it to her as a housewarming gift. I didn't get one til my grandmother died, and then I got her's. still here? well, pushing forward.....
...or.....if you *really* feel the need to start over...