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And still further on we go. If you've gotten this far, I just have to give you a certain amount of have incredible stamina, such staying power. Oh, wait a minute, my mind wandered off in a whole nother direction there for a sec. I think on this one I'll put some things I did for a few other people. Okay? Too bad if it isn't, by the time you know you've been asked, it'll be too late. ;-)

What should I start with? Let me think.....I'm thinking....I'm thinking...... Okay, let's go to Cathy's house (she works at John's work) and have a look at her kitchen. When she bought her house, I asked if there was anything specific she needed/wanted for a housewarming gift. What she said was that she'd much rather I waited until she was ready to redo a room or two, and then have me come in and help decorate it. Fine by me. So, when she got new tiles for the kitchen floor, there was a little flower kind of thing in each corner of each tile. That's what she wanted as the stencil. Do you think I could find a stencil? Of course not!!! So I had to make one. Oh well.

So, this is how it ended up turning out. It isn't a great picture, came out kind of dark when I scanned and uploaded. You'll be able to see it better in other ones, I think.

Okay, this one's better. You can see the stencil better with it being closer, and bigger. It doesn't look like much, but it took me a long time to do. It looks really nice, though, because it matches the floor perfectly. I wish you could go there and see it for yourself.

Just another picture of the same basic thing.

This is just another wall in her kitchen. You probably like this one better, huh? Not quite so cluttered. ;-)

....And, the actual stenciling, itself...

Now, I think we'll go to Jerry's house (he also works with John). When he was getting married and they bought a house, he asked if I'd come do something in the bedroom (just don't *even* go there!). Sure, why not. They pissed me off a little, though, because they wanted it to be considered their wedding gift. THIS is not a wedding gift! was what they really wanted, so it was exactly what they got.

So this is what I did in that room. I got to pick the colors and design, and then Jerry's wife went and found curtains to go with the same basic colors as what I used.

Just a corner view. You can see the stenciling better in this one maybe.

And.....another of the same darn thing. You do realize, don't you, that if I'd had my way that dropped ceiling would have rapidly become a thing of the past. But, not my choice. Now Jerry and Debbie are divorced, they sold the house, and the people who bought it probably wouldn't appreciate me coming in there and telling them to get rid of that thing!! ;-) I'm hoping whoever bought it made getting rid of that damn ceiling a top priority. Oh, I can't even think about that now, it'll give me shivers! ;-)

Just a closer look at the stenciling.

Jerry and Debbie also decided they had a longish space in a narrow place they wanted to fill. We decided on a painted piece of slate (they'd seen some of the others I did). I'm not particularly crazy about this one, but they liked it. And, hey, they were the ones who had to like it, right?

Just a little bit closer look at Jerry and Debbie's slate. I guess it kind of grows on ya, I just think I probably wouldn't have done it like that for myself. But then again.....what the heck do *I* know??!!

This is a slate I did for my brother, Joe's, house. I think it was included with various things for Christmas one year.

Nother picture, same slate. My parents have one, but it's painted completely differently. I don't have a pic of their's. They have it on the wall of their front porch, and then took down the house numbers that we there previously.

you still here??? geez! well, keep going if ya want, then
me? i'd go back and start all over...making sure to gaze in amazement ;-)