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Why Make Something So Personal, So Public?

I've been asked why I would make something as personal as
a letter I wrote to my brother so public. My answer is as
follows.... I thought and thought about this. I wondered if it was the
right thing to do. I wondered if it would make others
uncomfortable. I wondered if it was just too personal, if it
was something to be kept just for me. I finally decided that
maybe it could help someone else. Maybe someone lost a loved
one to suicide, and think they are the only ones to feel the
way they do. Maybe someone is considering suicide, and
thinks nobody cares, or that they wouldn't be missed. That's
how Mike felt -- like he wouldn't be missed, like we'd be
better off without him. So it's for those people -- the ones
considering suicide, and the ones living through the
nightmare of having lost someone they love to suicide --
that I added my letter to my brother to these pages. Those
who lost someone will hopefully see that they are not alone
in how they feel. And those considering the idea of suicide
will hopefully reconsider the thought that nobody would
care. I don't know if these things will happen, but I
thought it would be worth that chance. There has to be a
reason for my pain. There has to be some good to come from
all the bad. If my brother or I can help even one person,
then my decision to include the letter will have been the
best decision I could have possibly made. There is no requirement to read this letter. Everyone has
their own level of personal comfort. You are certainly
welcome to, but you have the choice. And if you are one who
may be considering the idea of suicide, I ask you to please
read it. And try to imagine it being from your sister, your
brother, a parent, child, spouse or friend. And then please
get some help. You don't want to put anyone through this
kind of pain, the kind that can't be explained or imagined,
the kind that will never end.

The Letter