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What Mike Liked To Do

Mike's Job
Okay, so a job doesn't usually qualify as something we like
to do, but I don't have enough to say about it to make a
whole page. Mike liked what he did, so I think I can safely
include it on this page. Mike's job was to repair appliances, and he was really
good at it. Sometimes he had to end up doing something
else, and during those times he usually did something
construction related. Mike could fix anything --
washers, dryers, microwaves, etc. He also fixed air
conditioners. I really miss not being able to call him
when the washing machine acts up, or the air
conditioner isn't throwing enough cold air. He was good
at the construction thing, too. And when he lived with
us, he helped us remodel our living room.
What Mike Liked
I think the place to start would be with music. Mike really
liked music - mostly oldies and rock and roll. And he was in
a band (MoJo Legend). He absolutely loved being in that
band. When he started out with them he worked the
light and sound boards, and helped set up and tear
down equipment. He became a very important part of
MoJo Legend. He set up engagements and started
organizing publicity.But I have to say, the best thing
Mike did with the band was play the harmonica. He was an
excellent harmonica player. That's
how he ended up being an actual
member of the band. MoJo put out a CD locally, and Mike
played on four of the songs. On one of them,
"Trainyard Blues", he was the featured musician.
After Mike died I discovered he had
started writing
lyrics for a song for Adele. Sadly,
he never actually finished the complete song. Another thing Mike loved was to go fishing. He had a
favorite fishing spot nearby, and he was there all the time.
No matter how busy he was, he always seemed to be
able to make time for fishing. Sometimes
he would bug us to take the boat to the bay, so he
could fish there. One time we filled two
big coolers with flounder. And whenever we ate any
of those fish, we would always remember the great time we
had that weekend.

Shooting pool (billiards, as they say) was another thing
Mike liked and was good at. He often called to see if John,
my husband, wanted to go shoot pool with him. And he even
got my daughter, Melissa, interested in it. He started
learning to do it as a kid. An uncle of ours taught
him. At a couple of different points in time, he was
on a team. He always had his stick with him, and where
ever he was that happened to have a pool table ....
well, that's where you'd find Mike. Mike liked his sports on tv. He used to make me crazy with
the way he would flip back and forth, and all around, to
watch a bunch of different things. There was
always something -- baseball, football, auto
races, and on and on. If it had to do with
sports, he would watch it. There were times he
would even tape a race, if he wasn't going to be
home to watch it! One of the best things Mike liked to do was
laugh. He loved to have a good time. He always had a quick
sarcastic comment, a joke, anything. He could be so funny.
I laughed so much with him. So much it hurt. I miss that. I
miss having the guy who was guaranteed to make me laugh ...
anytime, anyplace, no matter what.


The things that made you special
Are the things I miss the most