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So that's a little about my brother, and friend, Mike
"Sparky" Thomas. He wasn't perfect, but then who is? He
cared about people and he loved his family. He didn't always
do the right thing, and he sometimes didn't know what the
right thing was. When he messed up he knew it, and he felt
bad about it. He was just like the rest of us, he just had
a tortured soul.
Making this page has helped me a great deal in my quest to
find some peace with losing Mike, and with the way he was
lost. It has forced me to look at our family for who we are.
It's given me the reason and opportunity to remember the
good things, and bring them back to the front of my mind. I
know that I am on a long journey. My destination is a place
where I no longer cry at the slightest of reminders, where I
can know that I could not have changed the events that took
place. It's a place where there is fondness and love in the
remembering, rather than pain. And it's a place where I know
Mike is now at peace and happy. I don't know how long my
journey will take, but I know my brother wants me to complete it.
My thanks go to my entire family for being there when
everything happened. I treasure my daughter for her help and
friendship. I'm grateful for the friends who went above and beyond.
I will try to continue to remind myself to hold each of them
close, as there is no way to know when they may not be
here to hold.

To my big brother and friend

I love you, I miss you, I will see you again

Thank you Lisa, for your determination that I get this done,
and for your help, encouragement and laughter along the way.

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