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Miss found some of the proofs from when we had her senior pictures taken. In the ones she found was one of my very favorites. You have no reason in the world to care, but I thought I'd put it here for you to see.......just in case you'd feel like seeing it. Whatever...... ;-)

Okay, so I'm bored. Which means I'm just trying to think of, and looking for, anything at all to do. What do I do best?? Well pest you, of course!!

Maybe it would be kind of a good idea right about now, and just any old time I'm being annoying, if you'd just stop for a minute or two and try to remind yourself that you love me. Don't get into trying to wonder why at this exact'll talk yourself out of it! ;-)

Need some help in your endeavor?? Hmmmmm, let's see......

Okay, how 'bout Bailey's and lake....drink sharing....neck and laughing....pitifully bad singing (but enjoyed by the singer)....any of this helping??? ;-)