What Can I Say About Mike

I guess the first thing that has to be said about
Michael John Thomas is that he is no longer here. He saw some
things as more than he could handle, and ended his own life.

Mike had family, a job, and things he liked to do. On these pages you will find out many things about my
brother and my friend. The most important thing is that I
loved him very much, and miss him even more. My name is
Cyndi, and this is a remembrance....for me, for our family,
for his friends, for anyone who didn't have the opportunity
to know Mike "Sparky" Thomas.

Life and Death
and a little bit in between
who we are
Mike's job, and what he liked
The Journey
the road isn't straight,
but the destination is there
Dear Mike
a letter shared, with the hope that
someone else may decide to live
plus links and webrings